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Belvia and the Park Connector

belvia park connrector

At Belvia, you can enjoy a host of outdoor activities by embarking on this 42-km long Eastern Coastal Park Connector Network (ECPCN) cycling trail right at your doorstep.

Comprising seven park connectors, the ECPCN links up popular beach parks at East Coast, Changi Beach and Pasir Ris – hotspots for cyclists, rollerbladers and water sports enthusiasts. Running and cycling routes on this park connector network are also popular choices for several big-scale sports events, including the annual Sundown Marathon.

This well-shaded cycling route offers you an abundance of scenic views, especially along the coastline. The route also gives you easy access to car parking facilities, toilets, and eateries.
Use your own sports bike for this expedition. Alternatively, rent a bike from one of the seven PCN Pitstops, and drop off the bike at any of the other Pitstops located along ECPCN without having to back track.

1) Sun Plaza Park

Apart from the beautiful greenery, this park has several interesting features, in particular the Sense Discovery Garden. Explore this garden’s 10 stations of interactive play features comprising intriguing sounds and other sensations. Look out too for the Tampines Tree (Streblus elongatus) – it serves as a reminder of how Tampines Town obtained its name.

From here, cycle towards Pasir Ris estate via the Tampines park connector that runs along Sungei Tampines. At Tampines Ave 9, get on the Tampines Bike Trail for a rough and tumble adventure.

2) Tampines Park Connector

This park connector is an excellent example of the creative use of space in land-scarce Singapore. Apart from cycling, you can engage in jogging, rollerblading and other recreational pursuits on this 4m-wide track.

3) Pasir Ris Town Park

Stop by this treasured green lung within the Pasir Ris housing estate to enjoy some tranquility. This is a popular place for cultural and social interaction among the residents living nearby. If you have time to spare, join the anglers waiting for a big catch at the large man-made pond.

4) Pasir Ris Park

Situated next to Pasir Ris Town Park, this charming park offers interesting activities such as pony rides, water sports, cycling and in-line skating. Another highlight of the park is the children’s playground with space-nets, cableways and innovative play stations. Get off your bike and walk on the boardwalks at Pasir Ris Mangrove to get closer to the inhabitants
of the mangrove community. You can also observe birds from the 3-storey high Bird Watching Tower located within the mangrove forest.

5) Pasir Ris Park Connector

From Pasir Ris Park, cycle northwards along Pasir Ris PC. This park connector is the start of one of the more challenging routes, especially the undulating tracks along Loyang Park Connector and Changi Park Connector.

6) Loyang Park Connector

This green corridor serves as the link between Pasir Ris Park Connector and Changi Park Connector.

7) Changi Park Connector

It is worth your while to stop by the Tree Conservation Area in Changi to look at some of Singapore’s oldest trees. Several trees here have been given the Heritage Tree status under the Singapore’s Heritage Tree Scheme, as part of efforts to promote the conservation of mature trees in Singapore. Apart from their age, these heritage trees stand out due to their size or rarity in Singapore. Look out for the Damar Hitam Gajah or Shorea gibbosa, which has not been seen in other parts of Singapore. Another tree to look out for is the tall Sepetir or Sindora wallichii, most probably the biggest Sepetir outside of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

This park connector also takes you to Changi Village, the “gateway” to Pulau Ubin. At the Changi ferry terminal, take a bumboat over to Pulau Ubin and visit Ketam Mountain Bike Park, Singapore’s first world-class mountain bike park. Test out your skills on the bike trails with varying ratings of difficulty. Or have fun negotiating a series of small mounds in the fastest possible time at the Dirt Skills Park there.

8) Changi Beach Park

One of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore, this place will surely bring back fond memories for you especially if you had frequented this area in the sixties and seventies.This 3.3km-long linear park has stretches of pristine white beach dotted with coconut palms, barbeque pits, park benches and shelters. Over the weekends, you can see large numbers of families gathering here for picnics.

9) Coastal PC

Enjoy the beach view as you cycle from Changi Beach Park to this park connector. This 8km-long stretch along Nicoll Drive Road offers you scenic views – wild vegetation comprising casuarinas trees and wild grass on one side, and the airplane landing strip on the other. As you cycle along the coastline, have fun catching glimpses of departing planes flying above you.

10) East Coast Park

East Coast Park is Singapore’s largest and most popular park, set against a gorgeous backdrop of lush greenery, beach and sea views. This pit stop is most probably the highlight of this cycling trail. You will be spoilt for choice with the wide range of eateries, recreation and entertainment available in this park. If you are looking for some adrenalinpumping activity, try out the 360° cable-ski or other water-sports. Or catch extreme sports enthusiasts in action at the Xtreme SkatePark. If you prefer something quieter, just cycle leisurely through the park and soak in the coastal atmosphere.

To continue on your journey, cycle through East Coast Park (in the west direction) towards Siglap Park Connector. You can get back onto the ECPCN at Carpark C4.

11) Siglap Park Connector

This park connector runs through several housing estates and schools in the eastern part of Singapore. It also links up parks in the vicinity, such as Bedok Reservoir Park, Bedok Town Park, Telok Kurau Park and East Coast Park. Enjoy your ride alongside the waterway (Siglap canal). You can also get off the park connector at various junctures to grab a bite at the eateries at Joo Chiat Place, East Coast Road or even Upper Changi Road.

12) Telok Kurau Park

Telok Kurau Park is a popular gathering place for residents in the neighbourhood. Stop here and mingle with the friendly community, or watch the lively activity at the children’s playground.

13) Siglap Park Connector (once again)

Get on Siglap Park Connector once again to reach Bedok Town Park.

14) Bedok Town Park (Belvia Residents start here!)

Built on undulating terrain with high mounds, this park acts as a welcome buffer between Bedok Estate and the Pan Island Expressway. You will have an easy time cycling on the long flat linear cycling tracks here. This park is rich in biodiversity, being home to several varieties of fruit trees like mango, durian, coconut and butterfruit.

15) Bedok Reservoir Park

Bedok Reservoir Park, a stone’s throw from Bedok Town Park, is popular for water-based activities at the reservoir. Relax by the reservoir and people-watch. If you prefer something that gives you an adrenalin rush, have a go at kayaking or wakeboarding. You may also want to try out the aerial course built through the trees at Forest Adventure. Admire the Berlin wall exhibit – a historical artefact from the Cold War days between what used to be East and West Germany.

16) Tampines Park Connector

This park connector links Bedok Reservoir Park and Pasir Ris Park. In this final leg of the expedition, ride along the fringe of residential estates along Tampines Avenue 1 and 2. You will get back to the starting point of the trail.

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Belvia and Park Connector